Eurocrypt 2019 rump session

The Eurocrypt 2019 rump session took place Tuesday 21 May 2019. Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange served as chairs. Andreas Hülsing served as music director. Slides are available from all presenters who agreed to put their slides online.

Eurocrypt 2019 rump session, Tuesday 21 May 2019
Session 1
19:15Unknown Christopher CarrCards against cryptography, the Eurocrypt Expansionslides
19:18Claudia Diaz, Nele Mentens, Bart Preneel, Vincent Rijmen, Nigel Smart, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Fre VercauterenNigel SmartSomethings Never Changeslides
19:21Martin Franz, Jörg-Cornelius Schneider, Tim Schneider, Henrik Koy, Jörn-Marc SchmidtJörg-Cornelius SchneiderWant to get in touch with applications of crypto in the industry?
19:23Dic Bolony and Nosy Parent KenDic Bolony and Nosy Parent KenIETF TLS 1.3 JOC SIslides
19:26Andrea Caforio and F Betül Durak and Serge VaudenaySerge VaudenayThe Ratchet Raceslides
19:33Sofía CeliSofía CeliOla Bini: unfairly detained for working in cryptography, security and privacyslides
Session 2
20:10Sarah Jamie Lewis and Olivier Pereira and Vanessa TeagueOlivier PereiraHow not to prove your election outcome
20:15ECC steering committeeTanja LangeECC 2019 slides
20:17Diego F. AranhaDiego F. AranhaGame of Torsions: a Song of Curves and Fieldsslides
20:20Michele CiampiMichele CiampiPKC 2020 and open positions ad The University of Edinburghslides
20:22Jeff Burdges and Luca de FeoJeff BurdgesUnlimited private simultaneous time-lock puzzles from isogeniesslides
20:25Ward Beullens, Thorsten Kleinjung, Frederik VercauterenWard BeullensAdvancing the state of the art of fishy cryptographyslides
20:30Eli Ben-Sasson, Alessandro Chiesa, Tom Gur, Michael Riabzev and Nicholas SpoonerNicholas SpoonerSuccinct Auroraslides
20:33Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Noam Lasry and Adi ShamirOrr DunkelmanNew Slide Attacks on Almost Self-Similar Ciphersslides
20:38Yohei Watanabe, Kazuma Ohara, Mitsugu Iwamoto, Kazuo OhtaYohei WatanabeWhat is Leaked is Invisible to the Eye: Strong Forward Privacy for Dynamic Searchable Encryptionslides
20:41Saqib A. KakviSaqib A. KakviHash functionsslides
Session 3
21:15L. Ducas, M. Stevens, W. van WoerdenWessel van WoerdenThe 157th Short Vacuous Presentationslides
21:18Elena KirshanovaElena KirshanovaSummer school "Euclidean lattices: from theory to applications"slides
21:20Steven MeyerSteven MeyerLate breaking - QCs are just imprecise analog computers - connects back to von Neumannslides
21:22Andreas Hülsing and Tanja LangeAndreas HülsingExecutive school on post-quantum cryptographyslides
21:24Kai-Min Chung and Bo-Yin YangBo-Yin YangMultiple Postdocs (PQCrypto) at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwanslides
21:26Ran Cohen and Juan Garay and Vassilis ZikasJuan Garay2-Round MPC: Do We Need a Megaphone?slides
21:31Daniel Kales and Christian Rechberger and Matthias Senker and Thomas Schneider and Christian WeinertDaniel KalesMobile Private Contact Discoveryslides
21:36 Aydin Abadi and Michele Ciampi and Aggelos Kiayias and Vassilis ZikasMichele CiampiTimed Signatures and Zero-Knowledge Proofsslides
21:41Christian Badertscher, Peter Gaži, Aggelos Kiayias, Alexander Russell, and Vassilis ZikasPeter GažiWhat Blockchains Can Do For Usslides
21:46Sergiu BursucSergiu BursucBalderdash to moonshineslides
21:49Chris BrzuskaChris BrzuskaQueerCryptslides
21:55Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja LangeDaniel J. Bernstein and Tanja LangeAwards!slides

Call for submissions (archived)

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The detailed program for the rump session will be announced on this web page. There are no current plans to distribute printed programs.